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9 paths to transform your life

Many paths may entice you.




There are nine paths.


If your life feels stuck in any way,


Choose a path,


Start a journey of transformation.


Take action


Come back to life.



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Path of Action

Choose your ONE Thing project


Creative Evolution

– a 5 step formula for getting unstuck

Path of Divinity

Connect to spirit



– A path of spirit, harmony and flow

Path of Self Love

discover your personality, your strengths, your deepest desires

The Enneagram

– 9 different perspectives on life

Path of Courage

Express yourself


– A journey into the belly of creation


– rise into a more connected future

Path of Simplicity

Choose a focusing word

Rings of truth

– guides for greater alignment

Path of Connection

Join a mastermind


– speak your dreams into reality


– Writing to unravel and recreate your life

Path of Embodiment

Movement practices

Five Tibetans

– 5 simple movements to kickstart your life

Path of Integrity

Design your life


– from shelter to spiritual alignment

 The cave you fear to enter, holds the treasure you seek.

– Joseph Campbell