Write for your life


For a long time I was proud of my ability
To override my feelings
Those messy, complicated, sometimes painful things
That made the journey hard and uncomfortable.
I shifted to ideas, dreams, plans
As I was taught.
Except something wasn’t right.
I couldn’t work it out.
I would charge forward,
Only to slip into hopelessness and despair.
Life lacked meaning.
I felt confused.
Then, almost fifty years later
I found feelings again
And rediscovered life.
I learned to love the pain
Because it was life.
No longer part of the living dead
I watched my life transform
I searched for joy
And settled into the reality
Of life’s ups and downs.
Now I had tears to soothe and quench me
Where once there had been a desert
And I moved boldly towards feelings
Understanding that feelings were
A connection to the soul
A connection to humanity
An opening for love
And an invitation for life.

Welcome to life.

I am simply finding my way, while I help others to find their way.

Feelings are the signposts that tell us which way to go.  Without feelings we are lost and life becomes meaningless.  

We’re on this journey together.  I hope I can help you to discover more joy and meaning in life, and to embrace what it means to be alive.