Circles of Life rings

Mementos for life


Circles of Life rings are daily reminders.


Feel more connected.


Evolve consciously.


Embrace life.



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Made on the spot

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– Bellingen Community Markets –

Saturday June 15, 2019




Circles of Life Videos


Get clarity on your life and 

share your journey


I will work with you to uncover and clarify the steps and turning points of your journey which have made you the person you are today, helping you to share your message with the world.


This is a beautiful gift for a person in your life who has lived a full life, allowing them to find their lessons, their gifts and a message they would like to pass on to family, friends and the world.  


I am starting with the elders in our community, to help them to catch their message on video as a meaningful contribution to the world.

Each package includes 1:1 conversations, video recordings of the person, inclusion of relevant images / photos / videos from the past, editing of video into 5, 15 and 30 minute videos including musical background, and a Circles of Life ring stamped with a word that is a reminder of the journey, transformation and joys.