The idea for Circles of Life rings came about in 2006, following the completion of a large interactive sculpture, Vortex, that I envisioned, designed, created and erected on Tamarama beach, Sydney as part of the 2006 Sculpture by the Sea exhibition.

My son, Joey, was five months old and his father created me a piece of jewellery from an offcut of the aluminium tube used to create the sculpture, and had it engraved with the words ‘Vortex 2006’.  I wore the piece as a pendant and loved it both a simple and elegant piece of jewellery as well as a reminder of that special time in my life.  I called it a Circle of Life.  When two close friends lost people they loved, I offered to make them one as a memento.  But due to various challenges those pieces were never completed and ‘Circles of Life’ sat on my to do list for many years.

 In 2015 I purchased a ring made from a typewriter ‘SHIFT’ key.  This ring was a reminder to me to look at things from a different perspective .. to ‘shift’ my thinking.  At the time I was focused on my concept for a large permanent immersive sculpture inviting all ages to explore, connect and play – Cloudscape.  This piece was accepted to be part of the 2016 Sculpture by the Sea exhibition, but the scope of the work meant it seemed beyond my capacity to fund and create it.

In 2016, with Circles of Life still on my to do list, I refocused my attention on making these happen, and started exploring different ways of creating this simple and elegant jewellery piece marking a moment in time and becoming a memento of that time.  I found some stainless steel rings that I loved and a way of stamping words into them, and so the first Circles of Life rings were created.  

In the 2.5 years since creating the first Circles of Life ring I have been in a process of transforming my life.  I left behind my previous work of architectural drafting to study and work in aged care.  In 2018 I set up my new business, Words|Circles|Life, with a desire to bring together the various things I loved – Circles of Life rings, small business, writing, public sculpture, architecture, creation, aikido, storytelling, and the fascinating and at time bewildering journey of life.

Circles of Life rings are part of my journey, and are in a continued process of evolution and expansion.  You are a part of this journey.  Your ring will accompany you on your own journey through life.  

Stay connected, explore and allow Circles of Life rings help you to find your way.


With love,




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Words | Circles | Life is a creative small business

located near Bellingen on the mid north coast of NSW in Australia.


Inspired to create Circles of Life rings to help people experience a clearer vision for their life.  




About Charmaine


Explorer,  Seeker, Wonderer,

Dreamer, Writer, Maker.  

Evolving with

Inspired Expression






Study is my obsession.

Solitude is my escape.

I’m practicing being present more with people.

I like to stay open to all perspectives.

I’m training myself to feel.

I’m learning to appreciate boundaries.

I’m practicing speaking my truth.

I’m facing my fears.

I’m releasing my attachments.

I’m being enlightened.




I grew up in Sydney, Australia with my mum and younger sister Vanessa.

My big vision is the creation of public sculpture pieces that invite all ages to explore, play and connect.  I’ve been on the journey to create Cloudscape since 2015.  It is a whimsical piece that invites people to connect, play and open up to new perspectives.  It is an idealistic vision for world peace.

I studied architecture over a period of 15.5 years and always designed organic buildings.

I’ve trained in aikido since 1998.  It always offers me new ways to grow, explore and understand the world, as well as helping me to be  more aware of my body, to stretch, and to connect playfully with others.

I’m 5 with a 4 wing on the Enneagram.

I’m obsessed with the Enneagram.

I would benefit from doing more gardening (note to self).

I’m always seeking clarity.

Music can be inspiring and add such richness to life.

I have daily rituals that help me to stay on track.

Writing helps me clear my mind.

I’ve always been searching for ‘the meaning of life’ (right now I think it’s a circle).

After a lifetime of avoiding intimacy I have started opening up more to people, including as a care worker in a nursing home.  Connecting with people is an aspect of Life that I have previously avoided.  Having always been extremely private, expressing myself publicly is both profoundly challenging and also liberating.