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About me

I’m Orly,

I love to learn, write, & create.

I teach the Enneagram as a tool for a better life.

About you

You’re curious about the world, people, your life.

You’re creative in your own special way.

You’re up for a challenge.

You know there’s more to life and more to learn.   

You sometimes wonder about the meaning of life.

You want to make a difference with your life.

You get stuck in overwhelm.

You’re ready for change.

curiosity . connection . creation

When you change the way you look at things,

the things you look at change.

– Wayne Dyer

Path of Creative Evolution

5 steps to transform your life
Be your own hero
Take back your life

10 things about me

#1 I studied architecture because it felt esoteric and I saw it as a way to combine my two favourite school subjects – art and physics.  After 6.5 years of intense university study and many more of practice I left it behind.  I loved designing organic, sculptural forms.  Now I want to do that with immersive public sculptures.  (B.Architecture 2005, B.Sc(Architecture) 1992).
#2 I changed my name to Orly in 2019.  I didn’t hate my old name (Charmaine) but it was ‘meaningless, long to spell, and almost always spelt wrong.  I chose Orly, a Hebrew name meaning ‘my light’, because it was short, meaningful, and it represented ‘closing the circle’ from C to O.  I had a lot of ego/past tied up with the name Charmaine.  Orly feels like an invitation to connect to spirit and expand
#3  I wrote a Lesson a Day on the Medium platform for over two months at the start of 2022.  I made it my focus while I was ‘unemployed’ and I LOVED it.  I’m currently up to Lesson #75.
#4 in 2006, with a three month old baby, I created a walk-in sculpture,‘Vortex’, for Sculpture by the Sea, Bondi.  The sculpture was on Tamarama beach for the two week exhibition and thousands of people walked (and crawled) through it.  This was a magical experience in many ways.
#5 in 2015, lost but hopeful, I designed ‘Cloudscape’ for Sculpture by the Sea.  The piece was accepted but was beyond my capacity at the time.  I intend to bring this piece to life.
 ‘Cloudscape’ combines sculpture and public space to bring people together, in a spirit of play, to open up to new perspectives.  The journey of Cloudscape has been a driving force for me to heal and connect with others. 
I envision Cloudscape built in spaces where conflict is, or has been, present. 
Cloudscape is an invitation and a symbol for peace, hope and reconnection.
#6 After traveling overseas at the age of 18 I felt ashamed meeting overseas people who knew Australia better than I did.  I vowed to explore Australia on my return.  In the years that followed I bushwalked, bicycled, motorbiked, bussed, trained, hitchhiked and drove my way around and through Australia, settling in Darwin, Sydney and northern NSW.
#7 The Berlin Wall came down on my 19th birthday.  I’d hitchhiked out of Berlin just two weeks before, including a visit to East Berlin, and there were no signs the wall was about to come down.
#8 As a kid I was super religious.  I went to a Roman Catholic school and latched on to the rituals and beliefs to give my life meaning.  Through prayer and faith I was confident and successful.  But I was outsourcing my power and lost it when I gave up on God at age 13.
#9 I grew up completely disconnected .. from the world, from people and from myself.  I didn’t even know the moon changed.  Now I love to feel connected, and the ocean and the moon are my favourite ways to connect with the natural world.
#10 When I was 22 I moved from Sydney to Darwin.  I love summer so Darwin was paradise.  I thought I would live there forever.

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