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For 49 years I lived with the belief

“I don’t know”

Stuck open to every possibility

Overwhelmed by the complexity of life

Limited by old beliefs.

Heavy with unprocessed feelings.

Living in a distorted reality.


Decision Maker / Guide


Are you stuck?

Not sure about your next step?

Wondering how you got to where you are today?

Want some clarity to more forward more easily?

I’ve got you!

I lived in a state of stuckness for 49 years, second guessing myself, my attention on the wrong things, not sure exactly why I did things because I was open to everything.  I could not say NO to an idea or possibility.  And so I almost drove myself crazy with never-ending exploration and seeking to understand every possible perspective.  

I almost lost myself many times on that maddening and in many ways futile search.  But I’m back.  I made it.  And I picked up lots of tools and skills along the way which I’m now offering up here.  I’m open to new ideas so .. surprise me :).

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’21 Ways to Clear Decisions’

(in alignment with your soul)