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Orly Grace

Writer, Creator and Dream-Holder

Dreamer, Writer, Creator, Space-holder and supporter for Creative Souls seeking clarity, courage and guidance in life.

Creative Expansion Container

As humans we are creative spirits with immense potential, except our ‘human fears’ / ‘ego’ serve to limit us and cause us to stay small.

To expand into our potential requires five elements: 

Curiosity – open up to new perspectives

Connection – expand your creativity by getting out of your head and into connection

Courage – moving into your fears, taking scary leaps, do things differently

Consciousness – move out of your old habitual ways and into awareness and aliveness

Creation – take action and expand your possibilities


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curiosity . creativity . connection

9 paths for aligned action

The number 9 is magic.  It is 3³.  It feels complete and balanced.  And as I discovered in 2014, the enneagram symbol is made up of 9 points and 9 paths and is a sacred map that brings order to our universe.

I have distilled my life journey and lessons into 9 separate paths that offer different journeys for getting unstuck and feeling empowered and aligned with your soul essence and life purpose. 

QUIZ – Find your aligned path

My 9 Paths Quiz (in production) includes 27 multiple choice questions that take you to an aligned path for following your soul’s calling to uplevel your life.


After finding myself caught

in a trap of old patterns

I set out to transform

my life.

From hopeless to hopeful

From lost to found

From confused to clear

From numb to alive

From withdrawn to expanding

From alone to connected

From stuck to in flow

Step by step

I shifted

And came back

to life.

B.Architecture 2005

B.Sc(Architecture) 1992

When you change the way you look at things,

the things you look at change.

– Wayne Dyer

Everybody needs play

Public play sculpture


Public play sculptures are my unique offering to the world. 

Cloudscape is my Big Picture Vision.  

 Vortex is my biggest sculpture piece to date. 

Everybody needs to play





Where I live

I live in Fernmount NSW Australia with my son Joey, our cavoodle Esse, and two goldfish Flourish and Flint.  
I’m building the Vortex sculpture in the front yard of our house and plan to have in finished  and ready for visits by November this year.  



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Don’t ask yourself what the world needs.

Ask yourself what makes you come alive, and go do that,

because what the world needs is people who have come alive.

– Howard Thurman