words | circles | life is my new business.

Today, June 14, 2018 is my official start date onto the New Enterprise Incentive Scheme (NEIS), a government support scheme which provides mentoring and financial incentives to people starting new small businesses in Australia.

My business mission with my first product, Circles of Life rings, is to inspire people towards a clearer vision for life.

I have recently put together a detailed business plan for this new business including two years of financial tables, market research, online research, a marketing plan, an action plan for the first year, a weekly work schedule, and all legal requirements.  This process alone has brought a huge amount of clarity and hope in terms of helping me to see how I can really make this dream a reality – the dream being of me working for myself on projects that I’m inspired by.

I am excited about words | circles | life  because it brings together everything I’ve been looking at and gives me one place where things come together.  

words | circles | life is my space for being creative and making connections.  It is a place to put my otherwise unspoken and avoidant voice out into the world – a voice for a silent minority, offering new perspectives on life.  This is my playground for exploring, surrendering and finding peace, clarity and joy.

As I am still in the process of gathering market research I would LOVE it if you could fill in my Online Survey (please click here) (takes less than 10 minutes).


What are Circles of Life rings ?

Circles of Life rings are stainless steel bands stamped with words of inspiration that act as guides for clarity and support.  They are a simple, elegant and meaningful gift to yourself or someone else.

Circles of Life rings come in six sizes with the option to stamp any word with up to 14 characters including spaces.  The rings can be purchased online and include free postage worldwide.

These rings appeal through their simplicity, ease and playfulness, and suit both males and females.


How did Circles of Life rings come about ?

The idea for the Circles of Life started in 2006 when I was given an offcut of aluminium tube, filed and engraved with Vortex 2006. I wore it as a pendant and called it a Circle of Life. It was created during the construction of a sculpture piece, Vortex, which I designed and created, and then erected on Tamarama beach in Sydney, November 2006.  2006 was a very special time in my life with the creation of the Vortex and birth of my son with my then partner, Ian.  I offered to make similar pendants for friends but kept running into different challenges and ‘Circles of Life’ stayed on my to do list for many years.

In 2016 I returned to the idea and started looking at alternatives. I realised aluminium wasn’t an ideal metal and decided to go for stainless steel. I found some stainless steel rings that I loved and purchased a ring stamper and started to make some rings. They turned out really well and friends loved them. I worked out a range of six sizes to fit most people and designed the packaging. I designed and printed temporary tattoos as part of the packaging.


A platform for inspired expression

words | circles | life is my platform for sharing my ideas and my truth, and for making a difference in the world.  It brings opportunities for learning, inspiration, connecting with others, and supporting myself and those around me.  I intend to expand and share my writing, design, and all types of creation.