I will start with ‘My Why’ …..

I do the things I do for the sake of clarity and openness.

And my ‘Why’ has come as my lifelong challenge – because it is what I have struggled with.

I have experienced life as my life as a mass of confusion and overwhelm .. of complete lack of clarity .. and it has taken life to help me understand that even when I think “I don’t know” .. really, “I know” .. so it has been a journey toward intuition .. except looking outside to get to it.


So my life has been one of searching, exploring and examining every piece of information that comes to my attention .. being careful to not discount the tiniest thing that might hold the answer.  And the exploration has felt very personal and ‘my own world’ .. and it has carried me along on all sorts of adventures as I tried to work out how this world ticks and what my place in it is.

What I craved was the inner peace that comes from clarity.

And yet in the process, trying to constantly absorb more data, more experiences, and paying attention to the details .. I would end up becoming overwhelmed.

I’ve been waiting for the wisdom that comes with age.  I’ve always looked forward to old age as a time when I get to be wise .. when I’ve seen and experienced life .. both personally and vicariously .. and have more experience to draw from and time to absorb and reflect.

And with the act of voicing my thoughts to the public, I am challenging my tendency to shut down and retreat, and giving voice to a quiet minority – even if that minority is just me.


These thoughts are inspired by Tiffany Han’s Raise Your Hand and Say Yes podcast The Power of Knowing Your End Game.


I will go into more detail later .. but I will say for now

that I need time .. lots of time .. to absorb, reflect, explore and be alone.

I need to drop out in order to reconnect.

Thanks ;)