I’ve been writing regularly on this blog lately with today being my 7th day in a row.  I’ve been wondering whether I should carry on this jaunt of writing every day or whether I should allow my writing to wax and wane.  I know periods of silence will be necessary .. but it seems that since I’m on a bit of a roll, that I had best continue.

Right now my energy is waning.  I was up and ‘at work’ earlier than I would normally even be awake.  I left a sleeping 10 year old to have to get himself up, dressed, breakfasted, lunch packed into bag and trek to the bus stop all on his own for the first time ever.  I expect, like the times he’s gone off on trips without me, that his confidence will jump up a notch, which must be good thing.  I’m really lucky to have such a cool, calm and capable son.  He doesn’t have the hang ups that I have .. being much more of the relaxed type .. but nor does he have the same drive.  But he’s driven in his own way and I feel very blessed.

I didn’t know if I’d even write today given my tiredness .. but this writing feels a bit like meditation .. a healthy practice in support of my evolution.

Ironically, my tendency to want lots of time to do things and not feel rushed is coming to light from a different perspective this next couple of weeks by people who themselves need plenty of time to do things.  I think I’ll be able to keep exploring life and myself in a different way during my work experience.  It is challenging me in interesting ways.  My goal is to work in the community, helping people to stay independent.  But my requisite work experience is in a nursing home where everyone is quite dependent.  8 hours down, 112 hours to go.

I was meant to be working on assignments right now .. but instead I’m writing this and preparing to switch off so I’m not too tired tomorrow (like today after about 4.5 hours sleep).

Blessings on the journey .. :)