I’ve just created a new page on my website, announcing a new idea that meshes in with everything else, as things seem prone to do at the moment.

I am calling it ‘Walking for Connection’.  It is another journey of exploration.  What I’m envisioning at this moment is an app or website booking system.


This is for people who want to get fitter, to see the world, to connect to others, to open up to new perspectives, and to expand their world.


A way to connect with fellow adventurers via your phone or computer.  A booking system shows walks available, and allows people to commit to doing a walk – either on their own or meeting up with other.  Factors such as fitness capabilities, interests, requirements etc could be built in.  And even if we just want to walk by ourself, accountability can make all the difference.

waterfall drop square

Martial responsibility

I also want to build an accountability system for my aikido dojo so that people can commit to classes in advance and classes can be cancelled in advance if there is lack of interest or teachers are unavailable.


So there you go.  Two new products.


Ever onwards.