Love Thy Self

Love Thy Self

Falling in love with oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance.
– Oscar Wilde


Less than two weeks until the end of a momentous 2020 year.  It’s been a year of shake up on many levels.  Even tonight, as I prepare to drive to Sydney tomorrow morning, there is a threat of lockdown and changed plans.  It’s been a rollercoaster of a year, and perhaps more specifically for me, an emotional rollercoaster .. which I see as a good thing since it’s a lot better than a flatline.  And I’ve been practicing being present to feelings and present to ‘life’.  

A time of change

Today is the solstice and again a time of change.  There is a lot of talk this year about a big cosmic event happening today as well with planets and stars aligning and predictions that these changes represent a shift from the patriarchy back to the matriarchy.  Regardless where you sit in relation to such prophecies, I’m staying open and hopeful about it.  Change feels like a good thing to me.

It’s easy to say change feels good when life feels all topsy turvy already.  Anyway, one change I’ve started implementing is getting in touch with my ‘inner child’.   

Joining forces

A Little One (LO) has joined me on my journey (see photo above) and she is much bolder, more definite and more confident than me so I’m letting her lead the way.  She’s in charge and I’m simply helping her.  But she’s only three so .. don’t expect perfection :). I’ll pass over to her.

Hello people,
How are you going. Mum and I are building a sculpture and the opening date is 211112 .. the 12th of November next year.  She’s building it for me because she knows how much I will love it.  i know she has lots of grown up reasons for building it too but mostly it’s for us little ones .. the little one that lives in everyone.  

Embracing the nonsensical

OM here again.  This is probably nonsensical for some of you.  That’s fine.  Unsubscribe is below if it bothers you.  I did a whole lot of explorations since our last email that I was going to share .. but it took me down pretty low into a state of self (and other) judgement and was very much coming from my adult self .. and right now I’m more interested in listening to my child self.  It’s her time now.  Feel free to ask her any questions.  You might get a nonsensical answer, but sometimes life is too serious and a nonsensical answer is the best.

Oh .. and we’re going to make a picture book together too.  Filled with plenty of nonsense.  

Time for Presence  

And now, in this Christmas time which has been, for me, destroyed by an overemphasis on presents (and lack of presence) .. I wish you an abundance of presence and connection.  

Until next time..
With love, 

LO+OM xx
Weaving a new future together :)


The day after sending my last email, where I discussed a deep-rooted belief that ‘I have to be selfless and self-denying’, a new video by Teal Swan came out on Enmeshment Trauma and how to heal it.  I think most people have this to some degree as we adapt to fit into society or family.  I recommend the video and would love to hear any thoughts you have about it.  

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