Lesson #3: Wealth Dynamics

Lesson #3: Wealth Dynamics

Doing the Wealth Dynamics quiz I came out as a Dynamo / Creator type. This process was very validating and inspiring to me as I had done so many jobs that did not use my strengths. This test has helped me to to focus more on my strengths and to see the jobs that are out of alignment.

Wealth Dynamics (AKA Talent Dynamics) is a system that shows you where your natural talents lie. When you are operating from your natural talents you are able to be in flow which is where you are able to have the biggest impact, feel the most joy, and experience ‘wealth’.

This system overlays many different systems including the I-Ching, the seasons, the five Chinese elements, and much more.

Apart from describing where your strengths lie, it also describes the two other profiles you need on your team to operate most successfully.

I highly recommend this system to understand yourself better.