I’m considering becoming a Cub Scout Leader.  It’s a big commitment so it’s a big decision.  I have arguments for why I should and shouldn’t do this.  I will outline my thinking and see if a clear path becomes apparent.  This is how I tend to make most of my decisions.  In a slow considered way through writing.  It helps give me clarity so it is like my lifeline to sanity.


  • scout leaders are needed and this is a worthy service
  • apparently they need more female leaders
  • this is something I’m sure Joey will get a lot out of
  • it becomes a shared connection, since I am only now learning all about it too
  • it is a big challenge – in that I have tended to run from wanting to lead – preferring to be on my own
  • it could help me in my journey toward teaching martial arts to kids
  • it will challenge me to be more social
  • I will meet other parents
  • I will learn new skills


  • This could be an opportunity for an hour of space in the week .. rather than filling up the week with more activity
  • this is a big commitment that will become an extra source of stress in my life
  • Joey could do with some time without me (and me him)
  • I could still garner much of the Scouts learning through watching Joey rather than having to go through the whole thing myself – i.e. doing it is my need to keep learning
  • I feel quite uncomfortable with the Scouts procedures .. I struggle with that sort of thing.  In fact .. I’m not much of a group person .. so the ceremonies and actions make me feel very awkward
  • I am told it’s fun for the adults too .. and I can see they have fun .. but fun is different for everyone .. and one and a half hours with kids yelling in a hall could never be my idea of fun.  Maybe I’m just not cut out to be a Scout leader.

If you have thoughts or advice based on what I’ve shared .. please share :)