This shop display has been created as a showcase for the rings and the concept.  
It allows people to try on the rings for size.
The display is a way of offering a simple, meaningful and inexpensive gift
with the potential to make a big positive difference in people’s lives.

shop display unit with 4W LED light

shop display unit (light off)

side view of display


ring package within small showcase


rings of each size attached with colour coded ribbons

shop display unit & stock box

cards showing rings available in stock


cards for recording sizes and placing orders


reverse of size cards

can be used for recording order details



Your Word Guide book attached to display


Word suggestions included in guide book


Display details


Dimensions (mm):   290 wide*, 300 deep, 326 high / 453 w book   *plus cord out one end

Light:   Plug in 4W LED light (350 lumens), 1.7 metre cord.

Rings:   one of each size, stamped with size and attached with colour coded ribbon to central ring (stamped with ‘PLAY’).

Order cards (customisable):   one side for recording ring size and word, the other side to record name / delivery instructions and shop coupon code

Guide book:   133 x 127 Your Word Guide attached to display with cord.

Each display includes:


  • a ring of each size attached with colour coded ribbons, 
  • a display of the product,
  • a copy of the Word Guide,
  • cards showing rings in stock,
  • cards for recording sizes and placing orders.


Stock box


Rings in stock are kept in a stock box, containing a selection of rings of each size.  This box would be kept behind the counter, and ring packages are exchanged for the ‘in stock’ cards from the display stand.

There is space in the box for storing spare cards, ‘in stock’ cards after rings are sold, and orders placed onto cards.




Ring orders are easily placed online at any time.  Orders can be delivered to the shop or mailed directly to the customer.

Stock box with compartments for the six ring sizes and space for storage of order cards.


inside of box for holding available stock & order cards


detail of stock box


Proposal for first shop display – Coopers Surf


At present I have created the first display (above), and am planning on creating more.

I would love to meet with you to show you the display and discuss how it would work for you to sell these rings through your store/s.


Profit on each ring would be $11 or 33.3% of the sale.  

The stock box containing 48 rings (i.e. 8 rings in each size) with popular words (eg. breathe, peace, love …) would be kept behind the counter.

A coupon code for a discount to customers and profit to the store could be a simple way of taking customised orders.  


Display and stock box


Who will love these rings?


People seeking to evolve

People who love words

People taking a stand

People seeking meaning and purpose

People feeling lost or confused

People wanting to connect




Lovers of simplicity


About Circles of Life rings


Circles of Life rings are a tool to inspire and help people move towards their potential.

They are stainless steel bands stamped with any word/s (up to 14 characters including spaces).

The rings act as a reminder of what is important to you, raising awareness and providing connection to something that feels meaningful.

The act of choosing a word invites people to explore what is calling them forward in life or what they would like to step into. It is an invitation to new possibilities and an opportunity to take a stand in life.  

Circles of Life rings help you to stay focused on and to feel more connected to what you value.

Having your word stamped into a ring helps you to move towards your dreams in a simple and powerful way.