So .. I had planned a deep, thoughtful and vulnerable first post exploring a single topic ..

But with limited time as I head off to attend Blast Off 2015 I’ll summarise some of the things I’ve been thinking about, in preparation for exploring them in more depth when I return.

The topics I’ve been thinking about include: personality types and the Enneagram – and specifically ‘type 5’ which as I know from experience can be an isolated existence living in our heads more than in the ‘real world’; the aspects of ourselves that we push into the shadow but which have a hold on us; the experience of loneliness and isolation many people in modern society suffer from; the way the internet both feeds into this isolation as well as offers hope; the assertion that addiction is a product of isolation; the consequent possibility that decriminalisation and destigmatisation of drugs is a way to bring many people, as well as the underground nature of drugs and associated criminality into the light; the art of aikido as a means of connection – by bringing people together and harmonising body, mind and spirit (for me specifically it is about moving out of my head and into my body); the challenges of being an artist today; spirituality in modern capitalist society; the importance of play.

If you’ve actually read this and have any thoughts or comments, I’d love to hear them!