The last week has been quite a whirlwind with a trip to Sydney to attend a site visit for Sculpture by the Sea, and having to consider a new location for the piece.

Bronte beach was suggested, but there wasn’t a good spot there for it.

The day after the site meeting I was at Watson’s Bay, and stumbled upon the perfect location for Cloudscape.  It feels perfect in every way.  The location faces ‘the Gap’ .. a cliff with rocks below where many have ended their life and a place I visited often as a child.  Since I see Cloudscape as an antidote to the desire to end our life .. as a symbol of hope and an opportunity to look at the world from a different perspective – this feels even more perfect.

Also, since I’ve been exploring the idea of boundaries, and living on the edge, this feels like a very meaningful place in lots of ways.

I am proposing to submit the scale model for Cloudscape into the Sculpture Inside part of the Sculpture by the Sea exhibition.  It would be an opportunity for the public to imagine the piece.

This year I am focusing on building the 1:20 scale model, a virtual model using Rhino (which I’m just starting to learn) – and the then a 3D printed version of the piece, and connecting with all sorts of people for feedback and suggestions.

Lots of shifts are happening in my life.  I’m moving back into the flow.  Through action the path becomes clearer.

Onwards ..