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Pattern Interrupter sessions are an opportunity for you to express how you are experiencing your life, to have that reflected back so that you can see it different or more clearly, and to commit to which areas of your life you are ready to shift.

You can book any number of these A$55 sessions until the end of October 2020.  


I used to feel like I couldn’t talk about myself without feeling an overwhelming sense of shame.

So I would stay quiet.  I would hide.  And I was so unaccustomed to talking about my own thoughts or feelings that I almost believed I didn’t have them. Except that being around people only drained me because I couldn’t receive.  The only way I could feel okay was to be on my own.  Then I could have some sense of my own preferences.

It’s been five years since I vowed to start speaking up.  I felt like I was disappearing and that there was no reason for my existence.  In fact, that was a belief I was perpetuating in not speaking up.  

The thing is, I love to listen to people, I love to appreciate the unique – and universal – qualities of each person.  And I believe that everyone needs to be witnessed and to express their truth.

I would be honoured to listen to your story, to hear whatever you have to say, to hold space for your experience and offer support and guidance where you need it.  

When we spin our thoughts around in our head, we don’t get clarity .. we get more confused.  When we speak our thoughts aloud to someone else we are able to release them and create space for new thoughts to enter.  

Do you want someone to talk to?

Allow me to be that person for you.  

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With love,


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