Heart Stones


I love to collect heart shaped rocks.  But one rock I picked up in December 2015 became an instant favourite and has been with me ever since.  Perfect in size and form it fit perfectly into the palm of my hand.  For years I wanted to give it to the person I had set my heart on, but I was waiting for a sign that the love I felt was returned.  Eventually I came to accept that the love was unrequited and so the rock stayed with me and instead became a reminder of self love and connection.  When I went along to a mould making workshop at the start of this year, this rock felt like the perfect object for making copies of.  Since then I have been making copies while I developed my mould making skills, experimenting in different colours for pieces to allow others to have this same special piece.  These ‘rocks’ are great reminder for feeling grounded and connected, and for honouring your love of yourself or another.   


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