Life Clarity hikes (Bellingen / Sydney) .. walk and talk


Let’s go on a hike.  Get connected and grounded as we walk, tell me what’s on your mind, and I’ll help you see it all from a different perspective that can give you the next step to re-setting your life.  Life is a journey and we always need to make adjustments for our experience to happen smoothly.  There is order in the universe.  Let me help you to unravel your life and find the clarity and order you need to move forward into the flow of life.  

Book your session and I will send you access to my calendar to choose a time of your choice.

Get those hiking boots ready


PS – If a hike isn’t your cup of tea I can also meet you in a nice place (ocean views are welcome) .. or a coffee shop .. or,  .. let discuss.  

PPS – Length of session will be at least one hour and doesn’t include time spent walking.  



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