Angel – outdoor play sculpture


Sprite is an outdoor concrete play sculpture designed to invite young children to play, connect and explore.

A playful spirit, Sprite is inspired by joy, growth and a playful connection of earth and spirit, masculine and feminine, a playful way to connect with your body and the world.  

This is designed as a safe and durable outdoor public sculpture. It would fit in both urban environments and parks.  

An opportunity to invite more connection and play into your city or neighbourhood.  Move your body in ways that expand your experience of life.  Break through stuck thinking by shifting your perspective on the world.  Celebrate the magic and wonder of life.  

Management of all council application and approval documents is included with this offering.

Join me in bringing more attention and connection to spirit.

Size: 1200 x 1200 x 1200




Tags: connection to spirit, play, growth, expansion, joy, 


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