Today marks my 46th revolution around the sun.  My birthday has always felt quite significant to me.  It marked the day the Berlin wall came down just a month after I left Berlin.  That was unexpected .. and lovely.  But today .. Oh My God .. it marks the day that Donald Trump has become president of the U.S.A.  Oh My God.  Those words keep coming out.  I can’t believe it.  I’ve been in shock.  Could such a thing be possible?!  Obviously it is.  It’s like the fall of the Roman Empire.  The pinnacle of pure greed.

That Donald got to where he got to felt like a miracle to me.  I was in shock about that alone.  But .. Oh My God.  Mind blowing.  I have a lot of trouble seeing anything positive in this even though I try and look at things from every perspective.  It actually feels really scary.  Like .. what is the world coming to??!  Having grown up around politicians I’ve spent my life trying to avoid anything to do with politics, including watching campaigns.  I managed to avoid this one pretty well too.  But it seemed to be an absolute no brainer ,,  #nottrump.  I couldn’t even believe that someone such as Trump could seriously be elected.

Have we entered a New World Order?  In some sense, yes.  This election really marks a SHIFT.  What will change?

There are so many different ways this election and shift could be be explored.  I’m interested in how it fares for world peace.  I’m also fascinated by the power that some people can have and the moral integrity of those people – in a holistic sense.  I’m fascinated by human nature – and what this election victory represents.


But onto a less shocking topic ..  my day :)

I’ve been making big shifts in my life and today was my best birthday ever – even with this shock.

Unlike most birthdays where my desire has been to disconnect – I’ve had a really connected day.  Both by plan and by chance I have spoken to a lot of people today .. nine people to be exact .. and some pleasantly deep conversations too.  And I’ve gotten connected to the earth and myself with a massage, a delivery of soil to start my garden and some stretching.

And I picked up a new book from the post office ‘ Where on earth did the Enneagram come from?’ .. one of my obsessions.  I’ll add that to the other book I’m reading right at this moment, ‘If you Meet the Buddha on the Road, Kill Him!’.

And I had a most validating and liberating third ever psychologist session with whose help I’m finally feeling more at peace with the world and how I can exist within it.

I think today will go down in history as one of those days where you say “Where were you when you found out that Donald Trump might (or would) become president?”.

It’s 9/11 ..

Welcome to the new world order.