This blog post has been on my ‘to do’ list for way way way too long.  I feel like my thoughts on this topic are a tight bundle ideas that I have been having trouble teasing out into a coherent story .. or even knowing where to start.

So I’m starting.  And that is a breakthrough in itself.  I will keep getting this lesson until I properly take it on board .. thinking about something doesn’t get me to clarity, but gets me swamped in confusion.  Action is my path to clarity.  And that is how I came to set up a ‘mastermind’ group in the first place .. which is what this article is about.  For years I had been on a mission to set myself up as a freelance operator .. and my architecture studies were really aimed at that, except that I didn’t want to be an architect – I didn’t ‘feel like’ an architect.  For years I had been playing with the ideas of sculpture, and playgrounds, and landscape, and magic .. but it was so slippery I had trouble pinning it down into a concept.  So, it was after many years of exploration and thought that I had finally crystallised a concept that felt meaningful and aligned in many ways.

But the clarity I felt about my concept – sculpture for play in public spaces – threw me into a new cauldron .. this time challenging my desire or tendency to do everything on my own.  I was discovering that if I wanted to make this happen, I would have to connect with other people.  The crisis this provoked was catalytic, and with perfect lessons at perfect times I have come to shift long held beliefs about myself and the world.

It was a confluence of events that brought me to bravely declare my need and desire to create a mastermind group.  Two people put up their hands and we formed a group.  This group has been a godsend and has helped me push forward, connect with others, inspire, be inspired, and break through barriers of resistance.

I will stop this for now .. since I have other things to do right now ..  but I will post this now so that I can break through THAT barrier.