You are the universe in ecstatic motion 
– Rumi

Hello and Welcome to 2021.

How do you feel about this year so far?  Are you setting any goals or are you simply in for the ride?  It looks like being another wild one.  

Goddess energy

My word for 2021 came out of left field .. GODDESS.  It’s a word I’d have felt uncomfortable with in the past but feels perfect for now.  GODDESS is a celebration of nature, the divine, connection, creation, cycles, devotion, beauty, power, joy, adoration and wildness.

The joy of creation

This is my year for creation – starting with writing a new story for my life.  Most of our lives are repeated patterns, rehashing past beliefs and experiences.  But they don’t need to be.  We have so much power to create our reality.  Science continues to prove this.  We can be the author of our destiny .. and this is my intention this year.

You can be the author of your life

I’ve joined a program called Lifebook on the Mindvalley platform in which, over six weeks, you write your vision, beliefs, purpose and strategy for your life.  The program breaks your life down into twelve categories and moves through the envisioning process one category at a time, culminating in the twelfth category of Life Vision.  So far I’ve looked at Health & Fitness and Intellectual Life and I can see how interconnected the parts are.  I’m inspired to take charge of my life, to become aware of blind spots and to be more conscious.  And I’m particularly excited about getting clarity on my Life Vision.  I’ll keep you posted.

Learning to let go

As I write my story I’m aware one of my strengths, tenacity, has also been debilitating.  Hanging on and not letting go has enabled me to push through on things that required endurance (like my two architecture degrees) but also stopped me from letting go at times when that might have served me better.  

Where I’m particularly seeing the benefits of holding on less tightly is decision making.  Making decisions has felt overly significant to me when I felt I couldn’t change my mind and was stuck with whatever I chose.  But as I re-envision my life I’m giving myself permission to change things as I go.  I can now see my tenacity as a form of rigidity and fear.  I’m shifting instead to flow and trust.  Phew.

A Year of Miracles

Finally .. this year, I’m reading the daily prompts for the 365 day ‘Course in Miracles’ – a process of shifting your perceptions.  I started off with reading a simplified adaptation with a book  by one of my teachers who published ‘leave this book in your bathroom’ last December.  Then yesterday I felt compelled to look at the original text as well to compare.  I’ll let you know how it goes .. next year if not before.  Have you read (or heard of) A Course in Miracles?

How about you?

Where are you at?   What are your thoughts or plans?  I’d love to hear whatever you’d like to share.

Wishing you miracles, creativity and goddess energy for an amazing and successful year in 2021.

With love,

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