I have just come across a concept that explains my life’s journey so clearly that I am looking at the world from a new light.

The soul personality describes ‘roles’ that our soul has come to earth to express.  This concept has transformed the way some close family are seeing a particularly difficult situation.  My sister in law has come to see that she is a Warrior and my sister is an Artisan.  They have been in a  state of war that has led to a lot of pain and damage.  I am a Scholar.  This feels so clear.  It’s simply who I am.  I know I’m going to want to dive deep down this new rabbit hole, considering the clarity that it gives of what each person’s offering is.

In essence, there are 7 roles our souls take:

Priest, Artisan, Sage, Server, Scholar, King, Warrior

My role is: Scholar with an Artisan casting.  Which also to me says Enneagram type 5 with a 4 wing.  I love when things start to become clearer.  I can see our soul role influences our journey through life.


How this concept has impacted me

The very current realisation that seeing my ‘role’ as a scholar has given me, is to explain why I have such a problem with teaching aikido (or anything for that matter).  I’m challenged to form a single explanation for anything.  And I’m obsessed with learning, so even a slightly different perspective can spin me out of the teacher role and back into that of the student.  I am starting to see that for me to teach would involve choosing an avenue to explore and making that my focus.  So I feel a sort of validation for why aikido teaching is posing a stress for me, and also a new way of looking at training.  Essentially, I need to treat the training as a journey of deeper exploration .. which I have been attempting .. except I’ve felt a bit in over my head.

The soul’s purpose concept also helps reinforce the journey I’m on, and my ideas to study things and then share creations with the world.  As I do my massive house and life clear out, I am getting increasing clarity about what things light me up and how I want to live my life.  I had allowed myself to get weighed down, for a lifetime till now, with other people’s clutter .. their expectation, needs, opinions, demands, stuff.  And as I let all this go and bring myself back to the essence of who I am and what my simple needs and desires are, I am becoming more grounded in myself.


Dashing off

I am dashing off thoughts as they come to me, and hopeful that they don’t vanish into thin air like happened in my recent mega-data loss .. but I’m moving toward clarity and more ease in self expression.  Stepping out of my befuddled creator brain and into the conscious structuring of time to break me out of my spacey state and into the world of reality.



I have so many ideas at the moment.  I was going to start to list them as part of evaluation what to put my attentions on.  Maybe tomorrow.



PS This website is great if you want to look deeper into soul essences:  www.personalityspirituality.net