My latest idea, and I’m having a few at the moment, is that  Cloudscapes could be built across political boundaries as a place of peace and play and spirit to spirit connection.

I have a special connection to the Berlin wall, which came down on my 19th birthday as I flew from Athens into Cairo as a birthday treat.  Just a month or so before I had been to East Berlin and had sat with medical students in West Berlin who all doubted that the wall would ever come down.

The border between Israel and Egypt would be another meaningful location for me.

I’m feeling pretty determined about making the piece in Bondi happen this year.  Ideas for planning and funding are continuing to develop.  My mind is jumping ahead of me.

Here is my current list of places I would like to build Cloudscape :

Australia (Bondi)

Germany (Berlin)



Australia (Bellingen)

North America (New Orleans?)


northern Africa

South America