‘ C l o u d s c a p e ‘

Welcome to Cloudscape!

A play sculpture that draws you in

to connect, explore, and see the world afresh.


Why Cloudscape?

Cloudscape is an all ages play sculpture that invites exploration and connection.

The big picture vision is to have Cloudscapes all over the world, opening up a global experience of connection with a spirit of play.

From the macro to the micro, Cloudscape is about connection and fresh perspectives.  Cloudscape provides new ways to connect with others and see the world.  And through shifting our perspective, new possibilities open up.

Description of sculpture

A ramp winds up to a geodesic dome adjacent to seven concrete spheres.

The concrete spheres range in size from 1.2m to 2.7m, and contain holes for climbing through and for providing framed views of the sky and surroundings.

The geodesic dome ( 5/8 5v) spans over a 6.3m wide round platform and offers climbing opportunities as well as access into the spheres.

Steps, seating, platforms and a slide are built into the sides of the ramp.

With a spiral floorplan, the piece creates a contained public space that is mysterious and inviting.  There is potential for the spiral to be increased to allow for larger spaces or groups of people.



More about Cloudscape

Current Proposal

The first Cloudscape piece will be a prototype .. an adventure into the unknown.

I am open to all offers of support and suggestions for locations this could go.  I am happy to do whatever consultation and permit process is required.  This is going to be most critical with the first piece where a number of details need to be clarified such as the legal/safety requirements for climbing over the geodesic dome.

Location ideas

Given that this piece is about seeing fresh perspectives in a spirit of play, I have (idealistically?) imagined Cloudscapes in ‘hot spots’ like the boundary between Israel and Palestine, or between two separate countries.  Given that the piece is about ‘connection’, breaking down arbitrary boundaries of countries offers a fresh perspective on the concept that ‘we are all one’.

In Australia, I envision this piece at Watsons Bay in Sydney.  Located near the ferry wharf it is easily accessible by ferry to all people.  The location at Watsons Bay marks the entry point into Sydney harbour and the ‘invasion’ of the first people.  It faces ‘The Gap’, a cliff famous as the place where many desperate and ‘dis-connected’ people have ended their lives.

In this location, Cloudscape offers an opportunity for healing, for connection and for a new way of being in the world.

Cloudscape is an opportunity for re-connection.

Description of construction & materials

Suggested construction methods / materials:

– rammed earth ramp

– ferrocement spheres

– geodesic dome: hardwood struts with steel connectors


height : 6 metres

width : 29 metres (including ramp)

depth : 18 metres (including ramp)


Cloudscape scale model

The 1:20 scale model sits on a 1.7 x 1.2m base.

A smaller scale model can be created using 3D printing technology.

Estimated cost of construction

$300,000 – 3,000,000

There are so many variables in pricing – materials, labour, regulations.

When could it happen by?

January 2022 .. ??

Community Connection

Cloudscape offers a place for community members to come together.

Cloudscape offers a place for people who feel isolated to be around others.

Cloudscape is a focal point for the local community.

Connections and conversations between random people is made possible as this piece is an ‘icebreaker’ of sorts.

Community Construction

The construction of the sculpture has the potential to bring the community together.

An apprentice type of arrangement between experienced tradesmen / craftsmen and youth could benefit both with a rich sharing of skills and wisdom and a sense of mentorship and guidance to the younger members and deep connection and sense of contribution to both.

In this way, the community connections would be strengthened and the sculpture would taken on an added dimension of meaning to the community.

Why Cloudscape?

We need more opportunities for play in public spaces – for ALL ages.

Play allows us to open up to fresh perspectives.

By shifting our thinking we can change our experience of life.

Humans need connection.

The physicality of moving through the piece offers an embodied experience of shifting our experience.

The piece offers opportunities for connection, expression and healing.



17 July, 2021

Over the past four months I’ve been focused on honing my newly acquired silicon mould making skills in order to create offerings that can allow me to support myself in my journey forward.  As such I am ‘launching’ my sculpture / inspirational business, Words Circles Life, on 24 July.

In terms of Cloudscape, I have produced two scale model pieces (a girl and a cat) in multiple colours.  I have also purchased a gimbal for my iPhone so I can create smooth fly-through views of the sculpture (for my upcoming video).

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