‘ C l o u d s c a p e ‘

Welcome to Cloudscape!

A play sculpture that winds it’s way into and out of the landscape.

A place to connect, explore, and see the world afresh.


Brief description

Cloudscape invites participation and exploration.  A variety of spaces and experiences offer interaction by both individuals and groups.   All ages and abilities can explore and find different ways to connect – be that with themselves, with others or with the surrounding landscape.

A ramp winds up from the ground at the outer edge to the inside of a geodesic dome.  Steps, seating, hills, platforms and a slide are part of the ramp structure.

A 5/8 5v geodesic dome covers a 6.3m diameter round platform and creates a fun and inspiring space as well as an opportunity for climbing and play.

 Nine interconnected ferrocement spheres, ranging from 1.2m to 2.7m diameter, offer more ways to explore, climb and experience different perspectives.



17 November, 2020

The model has been modified to increase the size of the windows in each sphere.

Eight ‘little people’ have been created so far to bring the model the life.

A new video to more clearly explain the concept and experience is started.

I have started reaching out to share the vision and gather support.


More about Cloudscape

Current Proposal

The first Cloudscape piece is a prototype.

My intention is that Cloudscape pieces will be created all over the world.

Suggested location for the first piece : Robertson Park, Watsons Bay, Sydney, Australia.


Description of construction & materials

Cloudscape could be constructed in a variety of different ways.

My current thinking is:

– rammed earth ramp

– ferrocement spheres

– geodesic dome: hardwood struts with steel connectors


height : 6 metres

width : 29 metres (including ramp)

depth : 18 metres (including ramp)


Where is Cloudscape up to?

The 1:20 scale model is complete (1.7 x 1.2m).

A suggested location for the first piece is Robertson Park, Watsons Bay, Sydney (Woollahra Municipal Council).

I am starting to reach out for support to build the first piece.

Estimated cost of construction

$300,000 +

Projected opening date

September 2021

Why Cloudscape?

We need more opportunities for play in public spaces.

We need play spaces that cater to people of all ages.

The spiral and spherical forms offer an inspiring way to connect with nature.

This offers physical ways to connect with the world and other people.  

This physical form of ‘social media’ offers an alternative form of social connection that is much needed given the increasing isolation of people.

Why not?!

Connection to community

Cloudscape offers a place for people of all ages in the community to connect.

  People who might otherwise be isolated can have a place where they can be around others.

Cloudscape is a space for opening up to fresh perspectives.

Cloudscape will become a focal point for the local community, with the possibility of inspiring conversations between people who might otherwise not connect.  

A vision for the construction process

The potential for engaging older and more experienced members of the community with younger people in an apprentice type of situation that inspires and enhances the lives of both means the construction process can support and connect people in the community in life-enhancing ways.  This will also bring a sense of pride, ownership and care to the community and bring the community together in a healthy and supportive way.



03 November, 2020

Fine tuning is underway on the model as I open up the window holes from the minimal size I started with to the size I’ve now decided on.

I’m also in the process of making a number of 1:20 scale ‘little people’.  I’m currently making nine characters using wire and polymer clay.  

12 October, 2020

The 1:20 scale model is now complete and perspective views and videos are underway.

With social isolation now at epidemic proportions and a growing dependence on technology, the need for public space that invites people to physically explore and connect is more important than ever.

This is ‘social media’ that brings people together and offers a place for open communication and hope for the future.

Please support this vision in any way you can!

Thank you,


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