‘ C l o u d s c a p e ‘

Welcome to Cloudscape!

A play sculpture that draws you in

to connect, explore, and see the world afresh.


Brief description

Cloudscape is an all ages play sculpture that invites exploration and connection.

A ramp winds up to a geodesic dome.  Steps, seating, platforms and a slide are built into the sides of the ramp.

A 6.3m wide round platform under a geodesic dome ( 5/8 5v) creates a playful multipurpose space.

 Ferrocement spheres ranging from 1.2m to 2.7m diameter offer climbing opportunities both inside and outside as well as ‘zen’ views of the sky and surroundings. 



More about Cloudscape

Current Proposal

The first Cloudscape piece is a prototype.

It’s ideal location is

Robertson Park,

Watsons Bay, Sydney.

(accessible via ferry from Circular Quay)


Description of construction & materials

Suggested construction methods / materials:

– rammed earth ramp

– ferrocement spheres

– geodesic dome: hardwood struts with steel connectors


height : 6 metres

width : 29 metres (including ramp)

depth : 18 metres (including ramp)


Cloudscape scale model

The 1:20 scale model sits on a 1.7 x 1.2m base.

A smaller scale model can be created using 3D printing technology.

Estimated cost of construction

$300,000 ++

Desired ‘opening’ date

September 2021

Community Connection

Cloudscape offers a place for community members to come together.

Cloudscape offers a place for people who feel isolated to be around others.

Cloudscape is a focal point for the local community.

Connections and conversations between random people is made possible as this piece is an ‘icebreaker’ of sorts.

Community Construction

The construction of the sculpture has the potential to bring the community together.

An apprentice type of arrangement between experienced tradesmen / craftsmen and youth could benefit both with a rich sharing of skills and wisdom and a sense of mentorship and guidance to the younger members and deep connection and sense of contribution to both.

In this way, the community connections would be strengthened and the sculpture would taken on an added dimension of meaning to the community.

Why Cloudscape?

We need more opportunities for play in public spaces.

We need play opportunities for people of ALL ages (not just kids).

The spiral and spherical forms offer a fun and inspiring way to experience the world.

Connection between people is SO important – especially in our increasingly virtual world.

Why not!?



19 February, 2021

Currently I’m putting together a business plan as part of the Australian government NEIS (new enterprise incentive scheme) program.  As part of this I am also developing a number of smaller ideas that will be easier to implement in the short-term for WORDS|CIRCLES|LIFE.

I’ve started a new practice of mould-making and casting which is proving quite revolutionary to me in it’s potential to get more creations out into the world.  For the Cloudscape model this includes creation of 1:20 scale people for the model.

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