‘ C l o u d s c a p e ‘

A play sculpture that draws you in

to explore, connect and see the world afresh.




Cloudscape was conceived in April 2015 as an entry for the 2016 Sculpture by the Sea, Bondi exhibition.  The proposal was accepted and I was excited by this ‘green light’ from the Universe.  But what I had proposed was well beyond my scope to achieve at that time.  I had designed it to stretch me and to give me something that would inspire me enough to move forward. 

Since 2015, with both big and little steps, I’ve been taking action on this vision and expanding my capacity for life.  And step by step this bold dream has set the stage for my life’s adventures and current offerings.  Cloudscape has helped me on my journey to finding clarity, connection and purpose. 

Over the past year I’ve completed the model and the drawings to find the clarity needed for this to become full scale.  While working on this piece I’ve also been working on myself ..  finding and addressing my blocks, dismantling limiting beliefs, setting goals and taking actions to find clarity and move forward.

Cloudscape has helped me to stretch, face my fears and take action on a quest for meaning and purpose.

It has helped me.  And now is it’s time to help others.

Below are updates I’ve shared as I’ve inched forward.



17 October 2015 – present

07 September, 2021

I’ve been extra focused recently attempting to work out the meaning, purpose and direction of my life.  I’ve come such a long way over the past few years in terms of healing and dismantling old beliefs and patterns that had me feeling stuck, helpless and hopeless, and this sculpture piece has been an integral part of that journey in terms of inspiring me toward expanding my skills, capacity and opportunities for connection.  Connection is a driving theme of this piece.  One aspect of that is spiritual connection, and the notion of ‘sacred space’, where freedom and connection co-exist and where spirit is taken into account, is also integral.

On September 1 I submitted an entry to the AA Unbuilt Prize.  Preparing this entry gave me the push to focus on and complete drawings for the piece, bringing clarity and a greater sense of possibility to this vision.  The new drawings are now shown on this page.

I am bringing the drawings and ideas together in a short video which I will publish here as soon as it is done .. hopefully in the next week.

Working towards this vision on my own has almost broken me many times, and I keep having to put it aside in order to focus on ‘making a living’, and right now I am exploring how I can take the ideas around connection, exploration and sacred space to create other offerings that bring value and meaning.  And of course, I’m very open to any ideas, offers or opportunities to help bring this piece to reality.

17 July, 2021

Over the past four months I’ve been focused on honing my newly acquired silicon mould making skills in order to create offerings that can allow me to support myself in my journey forward.  As such I am ‘launching’ my sculpture / inspirational business, Words Circles Life, on 24 July.

In terms of Cloudscape, I have produced two scale model pieces (a girl and a cat) in multiple colours.  I have also purchased a gimbal for my iPhone so I can create smooth fly-through views of the sculpture (for my upcoming video).

19 February, 2021

Currently I’m putting together a business plan as part of the Australian government NEIS (new enterprise incentive scheme) program.  As part of this I am also developing a number of smaller ideas that will be easier to implement in the short-term for WORDS|CIRCLES|LIFE.

I’ve started a new practice of mould-making and casting which is proving quite revolutionary to me in it’s potential to get more creations out into the world.  For the Cloudscape model this includes creation of 1:20 scale people for the model.

17 November, 2020

The model has been modified to increase the size of the windows in each sphere.

Eight ‘little people’ have been created so far to bring the model the life.

A new video to more clearly explain the concept and experience is started.

I have started reaching out to share the vision and gather support.

03 November, 2020

Fine tuning is underway on the model as I open up the window holes from the minimal size I started with to the size I’ve now decided on.

I’m also in the process of making a number of 1:20 scale ‘little people’.  I’m currently making nine characters using wire and polymer clay.

12 October, 2020

The 1:20 scale model is now complete and perspective views and videos are underway.

With social isolation now at epidemic proportions and a growing dependence on technology, the need for public space that invites people to physically explore and connect is more important than ever.

This is ‘social media’ that brings people together and offers a place for open communication and hope for the future.

Please support this vision in any way you can!

Thank you,


15 March, 2017

‘Cloudscape’ is still on hiatus while I get my website, living space and finances sorted.

After attending the Sculpture by the Sea’s Sculpture in Public Space conference last October, and hearing Chris Booth, a New Zealand artist, say how pieces can take him four years, even up to ten years to complete .. and then I think of Christo and Jeanne-Claude whose artworks could take in excess of 20 years to be approved .. I’ve come to the realisation that I can release some of the time pressure I’ve been putting on myself.  At this point I’m proposing to build Cloudscape V1.0 in spring 2018.

When I restart the model my space will be clear and I will feel more grounded.


14 October 2016

‘Cloudscape’ progress has been almost frozen lately, while other projects have taken priority.

I have a backlog of photos that need to be sorted and turned into an animation.  Things have been on hold while I get things up to date.

I had an epiphany to make a 1:100 model on an A3 base, and it’s a bit crazy I’ve taken so long to come to the realisation that I need to make a 1:100 scale model since this is the scale I relate to most easily.  So I’m about to start that model and it will be generally a lot quicker and easier than the 1:20 model (geodesic dome??), and I can use standard people and not have to make them ..

A recent plan to create a 3D computer model of the piece is currently on hold.  But I’m planning to learn to use Rhino so that I can make a model that can be printed using a 3D printer.

I will share the animation of the sculpture creation to date when it’s ready.

And I’m about to update my ‘Cloudscape Manifesto’ since my ideas for it have evolved a fair bit .. but in the meantime I will share the latest version from August 2016.



29 April 2016

The 1:20 scale model of Cloudscape is now well underway, and fine-tuning of the design and details is part of the process.

A short concept video is being created and I will have the draft uploaded in the next two weeks.

An updated entry to Sculpture by the Sea Bondi 2016 has just been completed and submitted for this year’s panel to consider, and I visited the site while I was in Sydney last weekend and took photos to create a montage.

I submitted an application on 01 March 2016  to the Buckminster Fuller Institute (BFI), for the BFI Challenge and awaiting feedback.

On May 16 I have a meeting with the Bellingen Council Arts and Cultural Committee to discuss the piece, in view of building it in Bellingen.

I’ve had a breakthrough with my blogging practice, partly thanks to the Live Your Legend Blog Challenge.

I feel my world opening up.

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01 February 2016

Here’s what’s been happening behind the scenes towards Cloudscape since October:

Work has been continuing on the model. The geodesic dome and twelve spheres are made and the process has been photographed with time-lapse photography.

I had a meeting with Bellingen Council, and am planning to present the Cloudscape proposal again in February.

I learned that maintenance costs are a stumbling block for council approval of anything on public land, so this will need to be dealt with as part of the application.

Crowdfunding campaign latest thoughts: stamped metal circles (which I can stamp myself), embedded in the sculpture, can be a reward.  In fact, I will make a separate heading below to outline some of my current and past ideas for the crowdfunding rewards.

The next video of the creation process is underway. I have finally invested in Final Cut Pro and have fallen in love with editing.  But it can go on forever so I will aim to put a video up in the next couple of weeks.

The next part of the model making is exciting – putting all the pieces together and getting clearer on the details.

I’m grateful to my local mastermind group who meet with me each fortnight and make me feel like I’m not doing this all on my own.

I am preparing an application to the Buckminster Fuller Institute (BFI), for the BFI Challenge – due by 1 March, 2016.  This challenge is for socially responsible design, and I believe Cloudscape is big picture enough to fit the criteria.  The prize, or the catalyst program, would be a dream come true.

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21 October 2015

I’ve just created a draft video of the preparations for the model.

Though I feel like I’m pushing hard to make progress

with constant tugs on my time

I feel like I’m starting to break through.

Ever onwards.


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Here are some details about the geodesic dome.

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17 October 2015

A lot is happening behind the scenes as I prepare to put together the Cloudscape model, using time-lapse photography, and make a video of the process.

My life feels at the brink of a big turning point.

It has been a slow slog for a long time.

The garden is soon to be dug and finally I will have a garden.

This website is gathering substance and I’ve broken through the barrier of my phobia of blogging.

I am making headway on the house as part of the Cloudscape creation – finally finishing off the nook under the stairs for the backdrop for the model.

And I’m in the process of clarifying my vision for large scale interactive (tactile, exploratory) sculpture for public spaces.

So I’m in the middle of a big turning point phase ..

in which it feels that things just can’t be rushed.

The next phase will be to finally start reaching out to people.

The Kickstarter planning is well underway.

Though I have November 1, 2015 in mind as the start date .. I will see what evolves.

Stay tuned.

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Here are some details about the geodesic dome that I am currently beginning to create.

Old videos ..