I seem to have an almost obsession with circles as a clear expression of life. Even my chosen martial art, aikido, is filled with circular movements. I love the idea of our life journey being a circle, in the same way as the hero’s journey of evolution that is the essence of so many inspirational stories. And in such a way I see the creation of these rings as a sort of ‘simple breakthrough’ in my life, in the way that they offer the opportunity to live the meaningful, connected and independent lifestyle I have been seeking after.


I love to look on life as a journey that is calling us forward to evolve. In this way challenges can become opportunities for growth or for a deeper experience of life.  My journey has very much been one of both confusion and of intrepid exploration .. of attempting to find my own, separate path, and also of feeling completely lost. I got so used to feeling lost that it felt comfortable to me.  It became my comfort zone and an excuse to stay uncommitted and free. Yet I have been on a constant quest for clarity .. and the Circles of Life rings are a powerful step on that journey.  When you choose a word and come back to that word again and again, at different times and in different contexts, you can be more present to what is in alignment and take actions that move you towards growth.