Goddess Power

Goddess Power

You are the universe in ecstatic motion 
– Rumi

Hello and Welcome to 2021.

How do you feel about this year so far?  Are you setting any goals or are you simply in for the ride?  It looks like being another wild one.  

Goddess energy

My word for 2021 came out of left field .. GODDESS.  It’s a word I’d have felt uncomfortable with in the past but feels perfect for now.  GODDESS is a celebration of nature, the divine, connection, creation, cycles, devotion, beauty, power, joy, adoration and wildness.

The joy of creation

This is my year for creation – starting with writing a new story for my life.  Most of our lives are repeated patterns, rehashing past beliefs and experiences.  But they don’t need to be.  We have so much power to create our reality.  Science continues to prove this.  We can be the author of our destiny .. and this is my intention this year.

You can be the author of your life

I’ve joined a program called Lifebook on the Mindvalley platform in which, over six weeks, you write your vision, beliefs, purpose and strategy for your life.  The program breaks your life down into twelve categories and moves through the envisioning process one category at a time, culminating in the twelfth category of Life Vision.  So far I’ve looked at Health & Fitness and Intellectual Life and I can see how interconnected the parts are.  I’m inspired to take charge of my life, to become aware of blind spots and to be more conscious.  And I’m particularly excited about getting clarity on my Life Vision.  I’ll keep you posted.

Learning to let go

As I write my story I’m aware one of my strengths, tenacity, has also been debilitating.  Hanging on and not letting go has enabled me to push through on things that required endurance (like my two architecture degrees) but also stopped me from letting go at times when that might have served me better.  

Where I’m particularly seeing the benefits of holding on less tightly is decision making.  Making decisions has felt overly significant to me when I felt I couldn’t change my mind and was stuck with whatever I chose.  But as I re-envision my life I’m giving myself permission to change things as I go.  I can now see my tenacity as a form of rigidity and fear.  I’m shifting instead to flow and trust.  Phew.

A Year of Miracles

Finally .. this year, I’m reading the daily prompts for the 365 day ‘Course in Miracles’ – a process of shifting your perceptions.  I started off with reading a simplified adaptation with a book  by one of my teachers who published ‘leave this book in your bathroom’ last December.  Then yesterday I felt compelled to look at the original text as well to compare.  I’ll let you know how it goes .. next year if not before.  Have you read (or heard of) A Course in Miracles?

How about you?

Where are you at?   What are your thoughts or plans?  I’d love to hear whatever you’d like to share.

Wishing you miracles, creativity and goddess energy for an amazing and successful year in 2021.

With love,

I’ve now done three weeks of #apoemaday on Instagram.  Check it out HERE.

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A Return to Love

A Return to Love

If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion. 
– Dalai Lama


Last day of 2020.  Wow.  

I’ve had so many things I’ve wanted to talk about my brain has felt like exploding .. but I’m going to keep it simple and focus on one concept – the drama triangle – and how understanding and becoming a compassionate witness to this dynamic allows for more presence, love, acceptance and happiness in your life. 

Let’s start with a story

So, today I got ‘rescued’ by a surf lifesaver at Valla beach.  A playful way I like to push my limits is in the surf, where I love to swim out into the deep, taking calculated risks and trusting my survival instincts.  Wild nature is something I love and the sea is one of my favourite and easiest ways to access it. 

I’d decided to celebrate the end of 2020 with a cafe breakfast with Joey and a swim in the ocean.  When we arrived at the beach I was surprised to see, for the first time, the surf lifesavers had set up with flags.  This tends to be a minus rather than a plus for me as I feel obliged to swim between the flags and I’m conscious of being watched which for me detracts from the experience.  

I swam way out deep to frolic in the choppy surf and big waves, and was still enjoying myself when I turned to find a surf lifesaver on a board behind me.  He asked if I was okay which I said I was.  But now, with him there, I figured my fun was over and I should go back to shore.  He hung there as I started to swim back.  Except now I felt under pressure and under surveillance.  I did a burst of swimming only to look up and find I’d been swept in the opposite direction.  With time I’d have found my way back, but given the situation I decided to accept the ride.

There was no drama and it ended up as a nice connection.  I got a surf back to shore with this young, super nice, spunky gay body builder.  I even felt like I made a friend.  I also chose to see it as a positive sign of moving towards my desires – sexy male surfer – bring it on! 

But I could just as easily have stepped into a victim role and felt ashamed, oppressed, judged and defensive, in other words stepped into the ‘drama triangle’ and experienced this beautiful connection as a shameful and unpleasant experience.

The conflict inherent in ‘rescuing’

This story fits in with what I want to talk about because it involves a Rescuer .. which in turn often implies there is a Victim.

I said that I was going to talk about love, and how to experience more love (including self love).  So I’ll start with what love is not .. and this might sound controversial.  Love is not rescuing another person.  In fact, rescuing can be seen as an act of conflict. 

The Drama Triangle

The Drama Triangle is a dynamic model of social interaction and conflict that consists of three roles: the Victim, the Rescuer and the Judge (or Persecutor).  When we are operating in this dynamic, love is not present.

We tend to play these roles unconsciously, falling into, and drawing other people into the unhealthy dynamic.  We also play this conflict out in our heads, moving between victim, rescuer and judge, taking us out of the present and into a destructive mental battlefield.  

A trap

The Drama Triangle is a trap that every human falls into at times.  We all have a role that we gravitate towards, but we rarely stay fixed in that role.   

What is so great about understanding this dynamic is that once we see it and are conscious of it, we can choose to step out of it.  When we get caught in this ‘trap’ we are perpetuating a dysfunctional social dynamic while missing out on healthy relationships.  This includes our relationship with ourself.  

Raising consciousness

As we become the Witness to this dynamic, we are able to choose an empowered rather than disempowered perspective.

Following is an overview of the three ‘positions’.  We take on all three parts, but we will tend towards one as a starting point.  

The Victim

The Victim asks, Why is this happening to me?

Sees themself as oppressed, powerless, helpless, hopeless and ashamed.  The Victim is convinced they can’t take care of themself.  

The Victim feels they don’t have the power to change their circumstances and thus denies responsibility for their life.  

They have a real difficulty making decisions, solving problems, finding pleasure and recognising their self perpetuating behaviours.

The Victim is looking for an external saviour and anyone who fails to do so becomes a persecutor (judge) – including the self.  

The Rescuer

The Rescuer rushes to the scene with a soothing voice ready to help.  But the Rescuer needs a victim.  The Rescuer works hard to help others (while neglecting their own needs) in order to feel good about themselves.  Over time though, the Rescuer becomes tired, burnout and resentful.  But they feel guilty when they’re not ‘helping’, and so the pattern continues.

Also, when the Victim is ‘rescued’ they feel disempowered and helpless, so the Rescuer efforts are often met with anger and resentment.

The Judge

The Judge sits back observing the scene, directing blame and punishment – ‘it’s your fault’, ‘you deserve it’.  

This ‘part’ is self righteous, and a bit of a bully.  The Judge (or Persecuter) blames and criticises the Victim, keeping them oppressed through blame, shame, threats and bullying.  They refuse vulnerability out of fear of being a Victim and in doing so give up their ‘humanity’.

How each role is rewarded

Every role has it’s own reward.

The Victim gets taken care of.  They believe they are blameless.

The Rescuer gets to feel good.  They believe they are doing a good thing by helping.

The Judge gets to feel superior.  They believe it’s a hostile universe and life is out to get you.  

Healing the Victim

The Victim is really just any wounded inner child ever.  We don’t ‘fix’ it.  Pain and suffering is not something we fix.  And we don’t judge it either.  We hold space for it.  We accept whatever happened, and how it has affected us.  And we stop holding on to ‘stories’ so we can move forward.  

Evolve or repeat.  Those are your options.

You are in a trap. To get out you need to stop playing the game and instead, to witness it with compassion and curiosity.

Stepping out of the triangle

The triangle must have all three parts to exist.  

When you step out of the triangle, you allow for a healthier, more loving dynamic to exist.  You are no longer participating in the game.  You become a compassionate Witness and in this way the Victim, or wounded inner child, is able to heal.

In my defencelessness my safety lies.
– A Course in Miracles

When you give up identifying as a Victim, a Rescuer or a Judge, you can let go of your defences and simply observe with mindful, neutral awareness. 

Defence is the first act of war.  

Becoming the Witness

Instead of participating in the drama triangle, you can step out of it and witness it with compassion and curiosity.  

You can be a compassionate Witness – accepting, defenceless and simply observing.  You’re not trying to change, fix or judge anything.  You see every option.  You are curious and honest.  Every attack is seen as a cry for love and love (acceptance) is the response.  

You are responsible for yourself and rather than look for a saviour, you look within.  You challenge your ingrained beliefs and everything you know to be true.  You own your feelings, thoughts and reactions.  You are helpful and supportive and act without expectation. 

As a Witness you empower with faith and trust and allow for things to transform.  

Archetypal transformations

From a space of compassion:

The Victim becomes the Author
The Rescuer becomes the Restorer
The Judge becomes the Teacher

Take back your life

One of our greatest strengths is taking responsibility for ourselves.  As you step out of the Drama Triangle, you break a destructive cycle.  You are able to be in the moment rather than in your head.  You can be the creator of your life.  

Happy 2021

And with that, I wish you a super happy and successful year in 2021!

See you on the other side.

Orly xx

On December 22 I started #apoemaday practice on Instagram – inspired by an interview with Mary Oliver.  Today is Day 10 and though I haven’t set a goal, I’ll be carrying this practice into 2021.  It’s scary, imperfect and vulnerable .. but it’s also fun, inspiring and challenging.  You can check it out HERE.

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With more time I’d have made this email much clearer and more succinct.  But right now, action trumps perfection.  Thanks for reading!
Love Thy Self

Love Thy Self

Falling in love with oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance.
– Oscar Wilde


Less than two weeks until the end of a momentous 2020 year.  It’s been a year of shake up on many levels.  Even tonight, as I prepare to drive to Sydney tomorrow morning, there is a threat of lockdown and changed plans.  It’s been a rollercoaster of a year, and perhaps more specifically for me, an emotional rollercoaster .. which I see as a good thing since it’s a lot better than a flatline.  And I’ve been practicing being present to feelings and present to ‘life’.  

A time of change

Today is the solstice and again a time of change.  There is a lot of talk this year about a big cosmic event happening today as well with planets and stars aligning and predictions that these changes represent a shift from the patriarchy back to the matriarchy.  Regardless where you sit in relation to such prophecies, I’m staying open and hopeful about it.  Change feels like a good thing to me.

It’s easy to say change feels good when life feels all topsy turvy already.  Anyway, one change I’ve started implementing is getting in touch with my ‘inner child’.   

Joining forces

A Little One (LO) has joined me on my journey (see photo above) and she is much bolder, more definite and more confident than me so I’m letting her lead the way.  She’s in charge and I’m simply helping her.  But she’s only three so .. don’t expect perfection :). I’ll pass over to her.

Hello people,
How are you going. Mum and I are building a sculpture and the opening date is 211112 .. the 12th of November next year.  She’s building it for me because she knows how much I will love it.  i know she has lots of grown up reasons for building it too but mostly it’s for us little ones .. the little one that lives in everyone.  

Embracing the nonsensical

OM here again.  This is probably nonsensical for some of you.  That’s fine.  Unsubscribe is below if it bothers you.  I did a whole lot of explorations since our last email that I was going to share .. but it took me down pretty low into a state of self (and other) judgement and was very much coming from my adult self .. and right now I’m more interested in listening to my child self.  It’s her time now.  Feel free to ask her any questions.  You might get a nonsensical answer, but sometimes life is too serious and a nonsensical answer is the best.

Oh .. and we’re going to make a picture book together too.  Filled with plenty of nonsense.  

Time for Presence  

And now, in this Christmas time which has been, for me, destroyed by an overemphasis on presents (and lack of presence) .. I wish you an abundance of presence and connection.  

Until next time..
With love, 

LO+OM xx
Weaving a new future together :)


The day after sending my last email, where I discussed a deep-rooted belief that ‘I have to be selfless and self-denying’, a new video by Teal Swan came out on Enmeshment Trauma and how to heal it.  I think most people have this to some degree as we adapt to fit into society or family.  I recommend the video and would love to hear any thoughts you have about it.  

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Dismantling the mind-fuck

Dismantling the mind-fuck

Don’t ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive, and go do that, because what the world needs is people who have come alive.
– Howard Thurman

Today I want to talk about one of the best and also worst things about being human .. our minds.  For most of my life I’ve fed my mind like it was an insatiable creature, even neglecting other parts of my existence in the process.  This is clearly not a whole-self loving thing to do.  I have loved my mind, and it has, in return, kept me entertained, occupied and driven to move forward.  I have also attempted to ‘free myself’ using my mind, except that my mind had me imprisoned with a clever prison guard who offered scraps of hope and glimpses of freedom while keeping me fully trapped.

I recently tried out a process which provides a key to the jail cell and a way to reinvent your reality.  It was so powerful that I am sharing it here.

Jail Bars of Belief

Tool #6 from Teal Swan’s ‘tool kit to self love’* is titled Jail Bars of Belief.  It offers a process for identifying and then dismantling any belief.  I will attempt to summarise the process and will share my own process as an example.

 Your beliefs determine your life

Your reality is a physical reflection of your thoughts and beliefs and is unique to you.  If you want to live a happy and fulfilled life, it is imperative that you don’t stay stuck with beliefs that cause you to be unhappy.  This is part of loving yourself.  It is not your circumstances that make you unhappy, but your thoughts about your circumstances that make you unhappy.  

Living in the moment

The ‘Jail Bars of Belief’ chapter describes two different approaches to dismantling thoughts and beliefs, the first of which is very similar to Byron Katie’s The Work.  I will discuss The Work in a separate email except to say that it is a profound way of challenging thoughts and beliefs by turning them around and inside out to offer a radical new way of looking at any situation in your life in a totally new light and releasing the suffering those thoughts are causing.

Identifying a hidden belief

The second process is what I want to share.  Using this process I had a profound shift that helped me to identify an unconscious hidden belief that was controlling me and holding me back in profound ways.  When negative beliefs become embedded in the subconscious they sabotage us without our conscious awareness.  When we make them conscious we can replace them with more helpful beliefs.

The ideal opportunity to identify a negative core belief is when you are in a situation where you are experiencing strong negative emotions.  You do this by chasing every statement you have with two questions:

     Why would that be a bad thing?

     What would it mean if that were true?

Sharing my process to show how it works

I want to preface what I’m sharing below with an explanation.  When I look at it as it is written it looks strange, so I imagine it will look strange to an outside observer.  It was essentially around a struggle I’ve been having around finding work I can do that doesn’t feel like it destroys me in the process of doing it.  And when I tried to think of making my focus the sculpture project I was sabotaging and stopping myself with a fear that I was being ‘selfish and indulgent’ .. which is something I seem to have spent my life avoiding by being ‘selfless and denying’ .. but of course the things we resist we also give power to.  Anyway, here is what I wrote:

I feel as though I’m selfish and indulgent and I don’t feel like I have anything to offer to the world.

Why would that be a bad thing?
Because I am taking from the world but not giving enough back so I’m a drain on the earth.

What would it mean if that were true?
It would mean that I’m a parasite .. that I’m a taker and not a giver .. that I don’t really belong in the world because I’m not giving anything.

Why would that be a bad thing?
Because I have so much to offer but I am being stingy and holding back on what I have to give.

What would it mean if that were true?
It would mean that I am mean and stingy and that I’m a bad person.

Why would that be a bad thing?
Because it would mean that people will judge me and think I should be doing something to offer the world or to contribute to the world and they would not like me and they would reject me.

What would it mean if that were true?
I would be despised by others and rejected and I would feel lonely and sad and hopeless.

Why would that be a bad thing?
Because I like people and I want people to like me.  
Because if I am alone and rejected and hopeless I would rather be dead.

What this process uncovered

This might not be the best example of this process but it gives you an example which hopefully helps you to understand it.  In this case, the negative core belief, according to my understanding of the book, would most likely be ‘if I am alone and rejected and hopeless I would rather be dead’ .. which goes to show what a strong hold these beliefs have on our life.  Doing the process something shifted for me.  I started to see how my resistance to feeling selfish had me trapped in a state of denying myself whatever I desired.  I saw how I had actually been living my life only doing things that didn’t feel good to me because if I did what I wanted I would feel selfish. My fear of being ‘selfish’ meant I had tended to reject my own desires to cater for others needs, leaving me feeling drained and resentful.  This is what drove me to choosing, a long time ago, to prefer being alone to being with other people, in an ironic twist, since this was the only time I felt I could sense or attend to my own needs or preferences.

Experiencing the emotional hold this belief had on me by identifying the core belief that was holding it in place has helped to free me of this belief.  When I got to the core belief, which had me in tears as it touched on the deep rooted fear, I was able to shift how I saw that belief, like a cord had been cut.  And the freedom I felt from releasing this belief had me feel like I was floating .. like an anchor that had been holding me down had been released.

An example of this shift in my experience happened the following day during a trip into Bellingen.  I passed by a person who I had tended to get stuck talking to because cutting off the conversation felt ‘selfish’.  It was like I suddenly had permission to do what I wanted and I walked past the person (who didn’t notice me) guilt free.  That’s probably not the best example, but you get my drift.  

There are so many beliefs that hold us trapped in our life and challenging and dismantling these beliefs, and creating new and beneficial ones, is how you can transform your reality into one that allows you to thrive.

But wait, there’s more

The process of identifying the hidden belief is only the first part.  What follows is a process of dismantling the belief and replacing it with a new one.  The book uses the analogy of a table, with the tabletop representing the belief and the legs of the table representing the evidence supporting that belief.  Superglue securing the table legs to the floor represents the emotional payoff for keeping the belief.  

5 steps to dissolving and replacing a negative core belief:
(using my example to elucidate)

Step 1: What is the emotional payoff of keeping the belief and is it worth the pain it causes?

If I believe I can’t be selfish then I get to rely on everybody else’s needs to determine what I should do and this takes the pressure of making my own decisions off me. I then can’t be judged for what I do since it isn’t ‘my choice’. I ‘take myself off the hook’ for being responsible for what other people experience since it is what they want.  I’m also not responsible for what happens to me.  I get to feel like I am a victim.  I get to feel good about myself for being ‘selfless’. I can feel like I’m ‘being a good person’.  I have an excuse for going off and doing things on my own.  
 Step 2: Seek out alternative evidence / explanations that undermine the validity of your detrimental belief.

A. As a toddler I needed to ‘be selfish’ as that is a healthy part of childhood development and differentiation.  If I was judged at this stage in my development I might have turned the judgement back on myself and tried to stop ‘being selfish’

B. I like to do things ‘my way’.  This is part of my uniqueness and doesn’t need to be seen as a fault.  It could even be seen as a gift. 

Step 3. Work out a belief you would rather believe.

I have an unconventional way of doing things.

Step 4: Find evidence to back up your new, more beneficial belief.

I don’t like doing things the way that other people say they should be done without question.  I like to work out my own way.  I like to be a free thinker.  This way better solutions can be found than those that currently exist.  Doing things in different ways is fun and a creative process.  Often the way things are done are just routine patterns that are done without thought and I like to think about things and not just ‘follow the leader’.  Doing things differently makes life exciting and interesting.  Quite often people and societies get stuck in unhealthy ways of doing things and I don’t want to be party to that.  I want to be part of the change, not part of maintaining the status quo. Life is about change not stagnancy.  It’s my life so I want to do it my way.  

Step 5. Look for the emotional payoff of the new belief.

I can inspire people to look at things differently and live their life according to their own choices.  I can be an agent for change.  I can help to deconstruct stale and unhelpful patterns within society.  I can help to liberate people.  I can help people to see things in a different way.  I can feel a sense of agency and control over my life rather than feel trapped by what others think or expect.  I can help shed light on what no longer works.  I can be like a breath of fresh air in an otherwise stale environment.  I can feel a sense of purpose and meaning in my life and not feel like I’m a pre-programmed robot.  I get to feel more alive.  I get to feel more me.

We have the power

As you can see, this process involves consciously dismantling and then reconstructing your beliefs.  And how amazing is it that we have the power to do this?!  You can recreate your life in a more beneficial way using this process.  And as Teal says in the book, “You Are Worth the Effort”.

Through writing this email I’ve taken myself more deeply through this process than I had gone before.  And having done it once I’m ready for the next strong negative emotion to come up to help shed light on, and shift, another limiting belief.  

“The old payoff just isn’t worth it any longer.”

Your turn

This is life-changing work.  Next time you feel a strong negative emotion, rather than feel stuck in the pain, try this process.  If you feel like sharing I’d love to hear how you go with it.  And if you’d like support in the process, please get in contact.

By creating new beliefs and thinking thoughts that feel good, you will be creating neural pathways in your brain that reinforce these new positive thoughts.  As you starve the old beliefs and feed the new ones your reality will improve.

Yes it takes effort, but this is your life – and you’re worth it!

With love,

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* from the book Shadows Before Dawn by Teal Swan
Finding your gold

Finding your gold

The alchemical process of turning lead into gold happens because of something being taken away.  So too, self alchemy begins with what we are willing to let go of or give away. 
– Teal Swan

Have you heard the story of the Golden Buddha?  During a violent invasion a huge, solid gold buddha at a monastery in Thailand was protected from plunder by being covered in terracotta and coloured glass.  Over time the knowledge of the existence of the Golden Buddha was lost.  It was discovered by accident, almost two hundred years later in 1957 when the buddha was being moved to a new location.  Cracks in the clay surface revealed the gold within and the Golden Buddha was revealed, perfectly preserved.  

This story has become an analogy to what happens to us in our lives.  Our gold, or our essence, becomes overlaid with the ‘mud’ of our limiting thinking, unconscious conditioning and layers of human experience, and we lose sight of our essence and of what truly lights us up.

We are not human beings having a spiritual experience, we are spiritual beings having a human experience.

In order to fully embrace our being, our essence,we need to differentiate our human experience and ‘life lessons’ from our core truth.  It’s easy to get lost in this process .. to get stuck in the mud so to speak.  

Having spent a lifetime searching for what I could do that would be in alignment with my natural strengths and gifts,  I’ve gone down path after path only to find yet another ‘dead end’.  In many ways the journey was the destination except that the lack of clarity and feeling of lostness has had me return to a sense of hopelessness and despair time and again. 

But over the past week I had a breakthrough that has transformed the way I look at my life.  This new perspective has offered a sense of hope and clarity and shifts a lot of the self judgement that has weighed me down.  This shift is the result of an exercise I did as part of a program I’m in.  The exercise, which is very simple (but not necessarily easy) is to come up with your top three values.

Your values are those things that are really important to you and motivate you on a day to day basis.  They can be found by looking back at some of the turning points of your life and defining what thoughts or feelings were behind the decisions you took.  They can also be found in looking at where your time and energy go each day, or identifying peak moments in your life.

If we aren’t aligned with our values we can spend a lot of time and energy striving to reach something we believe will fulfil us only to meet our goal and find we feel disappointed or empty inside.

I went into the exercise of defining my top values with hope and excitement, only to end up in a swamp-like state of helplessness and despair.  Coming up with a big list of values wasn’t too hard, but when I tried to prioritise the values was when I got stuck.  In trying to choose one value over another I went into a deep-rooted limiting belief of “I don’t know” and ended up on the coaching call with the exercise unfinished.  But when my coach, Karen, asked me what my top three values were, I looked down at my list and rattled off three, almost without thinking – connection, creativity and curiosity. 

She then asked me, “If you were living a life that had connection, creativity and curiosity in it .. how would you feel?”

And my response: “I would feel satisfied, excited, inspired, meaning, purpose, grateful, driven.”

My response is so enlightening to me.  So much of my life has been driven by other people’s values which, though they are all valid, have often left me feeling unsatisfied, depressed, ungrateful, unmotivated and lacking in meaning and purpose.  This exercise is SO powerful. 

When Karen asked what actions I could take this week in alignment with my values, I thought of this newsletter, and how it aligns with my values of curiosity, creativity and connection.  And similarly, the Cloudscape sculpture is totally in alignment too.  

One of the most damaging things we do to ourselves is to compare ourselves to others, and to other’s experiences.  ‘Comparison is the thief of joy’ is such a true statement.  Instead you need to get clear on what it is that is truly important to YOU – and to bring love and attention to that.  Being clear on your values is a great way of staying aligned.

Your value, your essence, your gold, is often invisible to you, trapped under layers of society conditioning and adaptation to the needs, desires, opinions and expectations of others.  But it’s there.  And by discovering and aligning your life to your values, you can bring your best self to the world and feel more purpose, joy and connection to yourself.  And in this way, aligning with our values helps us to bring more love and light to the world.

I would LOVE for you to identify your top values and for you to let me know what they are. And if you’d like some help identifying your top values, please get in touch!

With love,

For a simple guide to help you to find your top values, click here ..(link coming soon)..