I’m writing this in real time .. post posting ..as I explore different ways of writing and sharing.

I love to write and it wasn’t until the end of 2015 that I started a practice of sharing my writing publicly via my website blog and then Facebook/Instagram and Medium. When I fall into a hole of feeling like the world is completely fucked and there is no point and no hope, it is writing that brings me back and gives me a sense of meaning. As a ‘creator’ archetype, I get a sense of meaning and purpose through the act of creation. This is where I can shift from victim into hero and begin to take action to change my life.

It’s interesting how, after breaking free of a tunnel of doom I am currently still aware of the desperate feeling while starting to find some glimmers of meaning and hope. For one I am conscious of the visceral experience of being alive and as I tell myself – I am a spiritual being here having a human experience, and I’M HERE FOR IT (as much as I sometimes don’t want to be).

Anyway – basically my writing and offering is to share the many, many paths I have been down on my incessant journey of searching for meaning and purpose in my life. Maybe I can show you some paths you might not otherwise discover, and help you to choose your own adventure in your life.

This blog has been one of my paths toward finding clarity for moving forward. And the path continues. You are welcome to join me on my adventure.

Buckle in for the ride. Anything could happen. Let’s go!