This year, maybe more than any other year, I have been studying hard.  I’ve only ever wanted to be a student and I have taken that to every extreme.  But I have immersed myself in so much study that I’ve found myself drowning but in a healthy, dissolving sort of way that is having me look at my priorities in life to see what I will continue to take on and what I have to let go of.  I’ve been finding being involved in so many things and the intensity of putting myself out there has brought me back to life .. and at the same time I’ve been doing so much self study, from so many angles, and I’ve reached a point of over saturation where the messages are loud and clear and my myriad studies start to become a maze of clutter I am dealing with on top of everything else .. a reinforcement that I don’t know what I’m doing and I need someone else to tell me.  But I need to own the fact that I know what I’m doing and get present to the ride rather than caught in my headspace.


I’m starting to connect with other people more and more and it is such a blessing.


I need to keep breathing.




Time to let go.