This random exploration of thoughts was a 15 minute stream-of-consciousness exercise done with my writing group.


One lone done
Only not one-ly
What is the one .. one what?
The One. The one and only.
All is one and one is all, tied up together.
One what?
One of a kind.
Kind of what?
Just one .. one and only one.
Why not two. Why only one. One is not enough. Why not divide one and make it two .. then things can go somewhere.
One. You must be content with the singularity of it. No need to complicate it. Talk about The One.
But The One is like a joke .. like a fantasy of denial .. a shrinking down the world into a fathomable dream of simplicity and ease. And life isn’t like that.
Change your perspective. You’re stuck.
Okay. One world. We have this one world with seven billion world views. But if we move into space it is one, one planet, one moon, one.
Shift again.
One day. It was one day, not particularly different from any other, and yet, totally unique. The sun rose and set, birds sang in the trees, her heart pumped in it’s regular sort of fashion, but .. no, not really unique. Yes, keep thinking. How was it unique? One word. Complete. Yes, there is the one. It was complete. And each and every moment was an act of completion. A moment of presence that was both instantaneous and eternal. And in this way, the day progressed, the sun moved across the sky, and a day made it’s way into the realm of the infinite.